Speaker Design Tool based on JAVA(2013)

This is a JAVA based program which adopts ABAQUS, a finite element calculation software, as the calculating kernel. Similar to our another software IDT which is described in another section, this SDT is… Continue reading

CAD Translator based on C# (2012)

This program is a C# based program which uses SolidWorks to be the background processing kernel. The basic function of this program is doing a batch of translation from dwg., dxf., slddrw file to… Continue reading

Heel Creator (SolidWorks Add-in) based on C# (2012)

This program is a C# based program. SolidWorks is a CAD software and we use its development kit to develop our own add-in. This add-in help our engineers save their time up to… Continue reading

IDT (Interconnector Design Tool) based on JAVA (2011)

This is a JAVA based program which adopts Matlab as calculating core in order to achieve the goal of fast -design and -analysis for interconnector. From our interface, the user could design an… Continue reading

WebGL Data Visualization

This project is a data visualization webGL application of global international study trends from 1940s to 2013. The features we implemented including the following: 3D Interactive Globe (Three.js + GLSL) Spiral Line Tube… Continue reading

WebGL Deferred Shader

This project is about implementing the deferred shader by using WebGL. The features I implemented including Diffuse and Bling shading Bloom shading with separable convolution Toon shading Screen space ambient occlusion For detailed… Continue reading

RefrARction (Unity AR Game)

This is an Augmented Reality educational mobile game for Android. The game is targeted at elementary school kids between 5~12, who can learn and practice the mathematics calculation on fraction division and multiplication,… Continue reading

GPU Rasterization

This project is to implement the graphic rasterization process in CUDA. In this project, I implemented several features including back-face culling, anti-aliasing, scissor test, alpha blending and so on. For detailed information, please… Continue reading

GPU Path Tracer

This is a GPU version Path Tracer wrote with CUDA. In this project, I implemented several features including anti-aliasing effect, light refraction effect, depth of field effect, motion blur effect, texture mapping effect,… Continue reading

Multiple Fluids & Rigid Body interaction C++ (2014)

We implemented a particle level set fluid simulation system that can handle both multiple fluids and rigid body interaction at once, based on the 2006 SIGGRAPH paper “Multiple Interacting Liquids” by Losasso et… Continue reading

MAYA Plug-in Many Tiny Bubble Simulation (2014)

This project is to design a MAYA plug-in authoring tool which could let artist easily simulate thousands tiny bubbles dispersed in fluid. By providing several important parameters such as scattering frequency, scattering coefficient,… Continue reading

Position Based Dynamics C++ (2014)

This project use Position Based Dynamic simulation to simulate the cloth drop on a sphere.

Speaker Test Tool Based On VB.Net (2012)

This is a VB.Net based program integrated with DAQ card (Data Acquisition card). This program is designed with the hope to replace the expensive commercial software which is used to examine the quality… Continue reading

Character Behavior based on C++ & QT (2013)

This project demonstrates different character behaviors according to different instructions. By indicating a target, we could instruct the character to avoid or move to that target. There are also several group behaviors for… Continue reading